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Race Discrimination

You did not get hired and you were clearly qualified for the position. Everything sounded great over the phone and you were invited in for an interview. Your resume’ is impressive and your qualifications are precisely what is called for in the job description. Yet, you were not hired. Afterwards, the employer continues to seek candidates with the same qualifications that you have or the employer hires someone else – someone of a different race than you. Maybe the employer had a legitimate non-discriminatory reason for not selecting you – – maybe not. Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 and the Missouri Human Right Act make it unlawful to discriminate against employees (or applicants) in hiring, promotion, lay-off, termination or other terms or conditions of employment based upon the person’s race. If you believe that you have been the victim of discriminatory acts or employment decisions based upon your race contact Melvin D. Kennedy today. Employment discrimination complaints are time sensitive and you may lose the protections afforded by federal and state laws if you act too late.

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