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Disability Discrimination

Many employees overcome physical and mental disabilities that would otherwise interfere with their ability to perform their jobs, without seeking an accommodation or disclosing to anyone the physical or mental challenge he or she overcame. Sometimes, however, employees with disabilities require that an accommodation be made by the employer to allow them to perform their jobs. Both federal and state laws require employers to reasonably accommodate employees’ physical and mental disabilities when the accommodation can be done without undue hardship to the employer. Additionally, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Missouri Human Right Act make it unlawful to discriminate against employees (or applicants) in hiring, promotion, lay-off, termination or other terms or conditions of employment because of the person’s disability. If you believe that you have been the victim of discriminatory acts or employment decisions because of your physical or mental disability, contact Melvin D. Kennedy today. Employment discrimination complaints are time sensitive and you may lose the protections afforded by federal and state laws if you act too late.

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